Just some of our favorite recipes for you to enjoy with our wines.

Tuscan Salmon with La Bastarda Bianco di Toscana


This is a super easy and fun-to-make recipe, perfect for a date night or if entertaining some friends.

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Orange Chicken with Nik Weis    St. Urbans-Hof Estate Riesling Bottled from Old Vines


This recipe is so delicious and easy-to-make, you will add it to your winter repertoire and never look back!

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Cranberry Red Wine Punch made with Ruby Dolce

We love this red wine punch because it’s easy to make and super tasty. Perfect for holidays, girls night or just watching a movie.

• 2 medium to large honeycrisp apples, sliced or
• 2 cups strawberries, sliced
• 1 bottle Ruby Dolce red wine
• 1 cup cranberry juice
• 1 cup lemon lime soda or club soda

Place fruit in large punch bowl or large pitcher. Pour in wine and juice. Stir to combine. Refrigerate 4 hours. Before serving, add in soda. Serve in chilled wine glasses. Add ice if desired.

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Sockeye Salmon Spread

appetizer served with

Cave Spring Riesling Estate 2017

We used fresh Alaskan sockeye salmon to make this crowd pleaser. Recipe serves about 3-4.

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Pan-Seared Halibut with Shallot-Riesling sauce made with Nik Weis St. Urbans-Hof Estate Riesling from Old Vines

Hands-down, this is our favorite recipe that we have made in 2020.

We used Nik Weis St. Urbans-Hof Riesling to make the shallot sauce – the fresh, mineral flavors with a hint of stone fruit gave this delicate dish a gorgeous pop of elegant flavor and texture.

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Peter Zemmer Chardonnay 2019 + Burrata & Tomato salad from Tony Didio

The summer heat keeps lingering on. These are the “salad days,” and the best time to keep your distance from the oven.

Corn, tomatoes and arugula are truly the stand outs at any farmer’s market these days. However, they are the supporting cast, and the star of the show, or of this salad, is Burrata. This delicious creamy cheese hails from southern Italy, and made its way to America some 15 years ago.

This salad is easy to assemble, take the kernels off of 2 ears of fresh corn. During peak season, corn is sweet, and I use it raw. If you want to blanch it, 2 minutes is tops. Place 2 bunches of washed arugula in a large mixing bowl, add the corn and about a third of your salad dressing. A good Balsamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil works for me, and season to taste. Slice 1 beefsteak tomato and halve a pint of cherry tomatoes, preferable multi colored. Place the corn and arugula on a platter and arrange the sliced beefsteak on top. Make room for one large Burrata, and place the cherry tomatoes on top and around the plate, this is your time to be creative. Gently slice the top of the Burrata, so that the cream oozes out. Drizzle on the remaining dressing and top it off with fresh basil.

What to pair with this creamy and tangy dish? We need a wine that can handle the creaminess of the Burrata and not get lost with the acidity of the tomatoes. I highly recommend Peter Zemmer Chardonnay 2019.

Salute and enjoy. Mangia bene!

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Peter Zemmer Riesling with Crab Cakes

Riesling is a rare varietal for Alto Adige, yet it is astounding. Grown in a vineyard at a higher elevation, this is a crisp and dry Riesling with telltale aromatics of Alto Adige but with a juicy, racy character. It has a whiff of oiliness, tart green apple fruit, and a razor finish.

Pair with crab cakes and dinner is done! Try our recipe using backfin crab, it is delicious.

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Wine Enthusiast – North Carolina-style Smoked Trout Dip with Della Scala Pinot Grigio

Bursting with citrus, this Pinot Grigio brings out the smokey notes in this unconventional but tasty summer sharer.

The most common dish you’ll find in Asheville is trout. Fish are ubiquitous throughout the city, most commonly found in dips and spreads, like this one here.

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Frozen Strawberry Riesling Cocktails with Urban Riesling – Wine Enthusiast

Add Urban Riesling to this summertime stunner and you will never go back inside! All you need is:

2 cups fresh strawberries
2 tablespoons sugar
1 oz. lime juice
1 cup Urban Riesling
Fresh strawberries, for garnish 

Combine strawberries, sugar and lime juice into food processor or blender. Purée until smooth and pour into clean ice cube tray. Freeze overnight.

Place frozen cubes and Urban Riesling in blender. Purée until smooth. Pour into wine glasses and garnish with fresh strawberries.

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Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Strawberry-Merlot sauce using Château Blouin Bordeaux – from Food & Wine

This is one of our favorite recipes and we love to use Château Blouin Bordeaux with its bright red fruits and hints of chocolate, dark cherry and pepper flavors. This recipe is great for novices and professional home chefs alike. Enjoy!

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Food & Wine – Speedy Ziti recipe

with Il Bastardo Sangiovese

A classic medium-bodied Sangiovese that pairs perfectly with pasta dishes.

As the name of this recipe suggests, this is the fastest way to make really good baked ziti. The key is to doctor good-quality jarred tomato sauce, like Rao’s, with ground meat, onion, garlic and spices. From there, you add creamy fresh ricotta, shredded mozzarella and flavorful Parmesan. Once the meat is browned, everything comes together quickly and the dish bakes up to gooey cheesy perfection in just 15 minutes.

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Watermelon Wine Slushie
with Urban Riesling

Check out this easy-to-make and oh-so-delicious frozen cocktail made with Urban Riesling…….perfect for a day at the pool, a party on the patio or a night with the girls! All you need is:

 6 cups watermelon cubed
(1) 750ml bottle Urban Riesling

Place the watermelon cubes in a single layer onto baking sheet.
Place in freezer and freeze for two hours.
Place 1/2 of the watermelon cubes into a blender with 1/2 bottle of wine. Blend on high for one minute.
Pour into wine glasses and enjoy. Repeat with remaining watermelon and wine. 

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