Nik Weis Urban Riesling is available to purchase at these retail stores:

Urban Riesling from Nik Weis offers a high quality wine at an affordable price.

Distributed in 46 states in the USA, look for Urban Riesling at your favorite retail store.

If you can’t find it, try asking the manager of the store or contacting us at and we will help you find a store near you that carries Urban Riesling!

Proprietor and winemaker at St. Urbans-Hof estate, Nik Weis, carefully crafts Urban Riesling from grapes grown in vineyards surrounded by blue slate soils. The blue slate soil gives this wine a unique quality and minerality along with the highly sought after balance of acidity and sweet juicy Riesling fruit.

What is minerality? Nik likens this to what he calls “the margarita effect.” A margarita cocktail combines sweet and sour flavors. When a margarita glass is rimmed with salt, the salt changes the complexity of the acidity (sour) and the fruit (sweet) flavors so they are effervescent and savory. The result leaves you with a desire for the next sip.

In a Mosel Riesling from Nik Weis, there is a little bit of natural residual sweetness in the wine and this sweetness combined with the acidity and the salty impression from the minerals in the wine, you get the margarita effect.

In a Mosel Riesling, the blue slate soil adds the “salty” characteristics to the wine. Only Riesling grown on slate with a hint of natural residual sweetness creates the margarita effect.

When you drink a Mosel Riesling, you taste a whole new impression that you don’t get from a totally dry wine or from a wine that grows on a different type of soil. There are not many regions where you can experience this taste better than in the Mosel Rieslings.